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Angry Birds Rio APK managed to improve what is already a successful games ever. Angry Birds Rio is basically plays the same way as before, but the whole game feels like it has been upgraded. Bit interface has been renovated, there are far more things to collect, and they even have added parallax scrolling to give the game a bit more visual depth.

Including 60 levels are all designed very well, and seems to have a solution where you can brute force level by destroying, or find a single weak point that triggers a chain reaction of Rube Goldberg-like destruction. Simple Art of Angry Birds is one of the most underappreciated success factors – birds undeniably good character. But now the stage has a depth due to parallax scrolling, bird cage adds additional flashes of color, and art as a whole just a touch sharper. Download Angry Birds Rio for Android latest updated version in this site.

Angry Birds Rio For Android

Angry Birds Rio APK Download

Angry Birds Rio For Android

Angry Birds Rio Latest Version

Angry Birds Rio 2.6.6 APK Download

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Angry Birds Rio APK Information

Last Updated Latest Version Installs
February 15, 2017 2.6.6 100,000,000 – 500,000,000
Developer Requires Android Category
Rovio Entertainment ltd. 4.1 and up Arcade

Angry Birds Rio Android Reviews

I think it is cool! I like they had Angry Birds and Rio together. They made the levels challenging and they have cool power ups like the potion that can make the Angry Bird bigger. Also I like that they have levels from both the first and the second Rio movie. I took it off my tablet for sometime, but really want to play it again. Thank you for making such a great app! Can you add a wheel to earn prizes or more power ups through? Other than that it is a great game! – Noname

A fun game … I get so immersed that I forget about everything… One draw back is trying 1 particular level over and over again makes it monotonous and boring – Fouziya Fathima

I really like the game, but it constantly kicks me out. I just want to play the game and not have my screen turn black and bring me to my homepage. But it is a really good time killer and is really addictive. – Kerry Kellett

Fun and addictive game. The long ads can be annoying though. – Jimmy Rogers

I’ve downloaded and uninstalled too so many games in my search for just the right pass time.. Always come back to Angry birds Its just the best game for your cell – ellen crates

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