Hay Day APK

Hay Day APK

Hay Day APK will let you to learn to laying of land, tend to your plants, and trade goods with neighbors and friends. Pick up a few eggs for Egghead, for example, or get plenty of cow milk Got Milk? As for the collection of items that are running, you have to wait in real time before you are ready for the agricultural products are collected and sold. As you progress, you will open a mine, fishing pier, and even your own town.

Some plants take up more than 24 hours to mature. This is good for players who sign up briefly several times a day, but frustrating for those who want to play for longer periods of time. It may take a few minutes to grow wheat, or half an hour for a cow to produce milk. You can accelerating the process with using diamond, from where you have a limited amount, but you can buy more throughout the game. Download Hay Day game update on this site.

Hay Day For Android

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Hay Day APK 1.33.133 Download

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Hay Day APK Information

Last Updated Latest Version Installs
March 28, 2017 1.33.133 100,000,000 – 500,000,000
Developer Requires Android Category
Supercell 4.0.3 and up Casual

Hay Day Android Reviews

I’ve been playing hayday for over 3 years. It’s the best game ever!! Once you start playing.. You are definitely addicted. Me an my family an friends do the derby tournament an we love it. I have no complaints. Also love the new booster upgrade an how u can get Tom alot easier. – noname

I love this game, wish you didn’t have to wait so long for things to grow or cook or whatever. That’s the only downfall to me is the waiting for hours on some things. Great job though with everything from creating this game to keeping it updated and continuously adding new things to keep us interested. – Dannielle Ingram

Ever since the latest update the scarecrow has been telling me to click on the farm helpers to work with them. I turned level 33 a while ago and used my “free trial” of the farm helpers. So now hiring farm helpers costs gems but the scarecrow is still telling me to click on them. It’s a minor bug but please fix it – Ghazal M

The game is really fun, playing for a while now. I just wish that building/land expansion tools was more readily available. Its so rare to find these materials, making it take longer to expand your farm. And diamond prices on should be lowered! One roll of duck tape should not cost 40diamonds. Allow tom to go after these materials…please – Sunshine_water

Love this game but not sure how it seems that I have 2 farms n being locked out from google+. Tho i tried so hard to recover my farm it is nt possible. Pls do something. I’m at lvl 43 n nt willing to go dwn to lvl 18. This issue is settled but Im a loner. Hahahaha – Suzaidah Mohd Salleh

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