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Spotify Music APK allows you to access countless music across the world through the online, including all popular musics with the highest quality. You can choose the songs to artists and albums, with this application you easily can create your own music library of your favorite songs. With obvious navigation and layout that makes it an easy to find various genres, like pop, rock, jazz, and others.

Spotify mobile application also completely redesigned with the same design as the desktop and web applications and even much better. Swipe left allows you to open playlists, friends list from spotify account and other areas. One menu that is unique in Spotify for Android is live radio; Slacker Radio serves live ESPN for sports addicts.

Spotify APK For Android

Spotify Music APKSpotify Music for AndroidSpotify Music Free Download

Spotify APK Download

Download Spotify for Android from Google Play Store

Or, Download Spotify Music APK from mirror link 34.6 MB (secure)

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Spotify APK Information

Last Updated Latest Version Installs
March 31, 2017 100,000,000 – 500,000,000
Developer Requires Android Category
Spotify Ltd. 4.0.3 and up Music & Audio

Spotify Music Android Reviews

Dear Spotify, I can sort playlists in the order I want on pc but Not on the Mobile app. Please make playlists customizable on the mobile app too. Also, can you make lock-screen setting more car friendly, for when I’m driving home. It’s hard to focus on the very very tiny buttons to skip songs- please make buttons bigger and more visible. As a paying customer, I really appreciate your service. Thank you. Ps. You’ve changed the make to “free streaming music” but I pay. So that’s not quite accurate is it. – meli jo

As hard to admit this is probably the best app for music content with SoundCloud a close second. Spotify has enough breadth and depth to satisfy most if not all music fans (maybe not underground metal but meh). With the premium version offering downloadable content, as well as albums from familiar and new artists, there’s much to admire and get you hooked. Except for those pesky updates. – Ikhwan Arif

Would like to be able to see all songs by an artist instead of ‘popular’ and having to figure out which album a song is in. Since the update the status in the drop down bar is really big even though the actual notification is the same size? Like there’s the song that’s playing, a big black space and then the ‘next’ ‘pause’ ‘play’ buttons. Could do without the big black space lol. The best music app, if you can put up with the ads, let’s be honest for free music is worth it though

This app came already installed on my phone, and I thought it was great for about 2 days. The mobile version needs to be more like the PC version. The so-called “30-day” free premium trial only lasts a week. When I’m on LTE or 3G, it takes 15 minutes to play a 2 minute song. Just pathetic. – nitewing1124

Love this app it’s so convenient but did they take aways the “add to up next” feature?? That was a life saver, but I love this app. I’ve downloaded so many songs and can literally just sit there with headphones on scrolling for new music.

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