Super Mario Run APK

Super Mario Run APK

Super Mario Run APK moves from left to right, and there’s enemies and obstacles in his path of progress. But you really do not control the speed or direction of Mario’s movement. A slick new moves and highly replayable debut stage Mario smartphone made you feel like parkour collect-a-thon is loaded with the charm of Nintendo. In contrast, the little Mario runs automatically from left to right – one of his tasks is to tap the screen to jump. If you hold a little bit longer, Mario jumps a little higher.

Many of the challenges in “Super Mario Run” in the game “pink coin mechanic” – Collect the five pink coins scattered across a certain level, and move it to a new five levels, a little more difficult to find a place. As a solid game, this is a smooth move that is easy to remove, but it is difficult to really master, and there is a lot of space on the screen is open towards the bottom, so my fingers have never blocked my view. Another layer of repeat value for victims A small game of 24 levels is the ability to play as a variety of other Mario character, super mario run apk free download on this site.

Super Mario Run for Android

 Super Mario Run Screenshots Super Mario Run Screenshots Super Mario Run Screenshots

Super Mario Run APK Information

Last Updated Latest Version Installs
March 22, 2017 2.0.0 10,000,000 – 50,000,000
Developer Requires Android Category
Nintendo Co., Ltd. 4.2 and up Action

Super Mario Run Reviews

Great job Nintendo. If you’re reading this please don’t listen to the low reviews. My four-year-old daughter is a huge Mario fan, we play as a family on the Wii all the time. We got her the demo for this game and she just insisted we buy the full version. Long story short, I’ve been planning on buying this game for my Android since we first played it on the iPad. And I’d buy it again if I had to. Great job. Great game. Finally something worth the money. – Christopher Balk

Enjoy Super Mario Run for what it is and what it is doing. The freemium mentality is ruining actual game values. It’s great and worth the money. If you need something more like the old console games; then you need a Nintendo Switch. Mario Odyssey is coming and Zelda is amazing. Like I said; Super Mario Run is awesome and to play it with one hand is pretty cool and suits the mobile platform well. One piece of advice to all playing this. Don’t rush through the levels. Try to collect all the special coins and unlock the special levels. It’s more fun like that. It’s not fast food. It’s real food fast. – Edwin Munoz

As of now the game was ok… it was perfectly working since I downloaded this app last thursday or friday however today I can’t play it anymore. When I opened the game there’s a pop up which states “it’s possible that the time on your device does not match the actulal time of the day. Please check your device’s clock setting.” Please help me fix this!!!! I already tried to change my clock settings… restart my phone but I still can’t play the game… – Cleo Tamayo

Super Maro Run APK Free Download

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