Swiftkey Keyboard APK

SwiftKey Keyboard APK

SwiftKey Keyboard APK is a fantastic application that facilitates our work. The app comes with useful features like autocorrect, language support, which allows the user to type a line without a lot of effort and in an easy way. High usage of RAM sometimes, but considering the number of cool features that application offers, it’s worth it. If you wish to replace a keyboard for your smartphone, without a doubt, go for SwiftKey Keyboard, you’ll like it. SwiftKey is a superb application that helps you to upgrade Your Smartphone’s keyboard. It comes with a lot of amazing features such as: theme: a theme is one of the best ways to customize things the way we want.

The swiftly Keyboard app comes with many free themes that allows us to change the layout of the keyboard. However, when the user wants more theme packages, they can visit the shops and buy SwiftKey or download which ones they like. Language: this is an important and very useful SwiftKey Keyboard app. Because this application supports more than 200 languages, users can switch the keyboard to type whatever they want in their local or regional dialect.

EMOJI: we all love to use emoji in the discussion to make it more fun. Taking into account their importance for chat, SwiftKey Keyboard comes with a lot of amazing emoji. Voice input: If you don’t want to keep typing, then this option is for you. SwiftKey Keyboard typing sound support which allows users to enter text with their votes. The user can enable the sound of typing from the keyboard itself by pressing the microphone. AutoCorrect: now say goodbye to spelling errors. Many times, we made a mistake while typing, especially on a touchscreen keyboard. When we typed using SwiftKey Keyboard, checks and direct our spelling corrected. Swipe: If you do not want to touch and type, choose a method that, swipe is fast, easy, and you’ll love it. To use this method to enter text, only the slide from one letter to another.

SwiftKey Keyboard APK For Android

SwiftKey Keyboard APKSwiftKey Keyboard for Android

SwiftKey Keyboard APK Download

Download SwiftKey Keyboard app for Android from Google Play Store

Or, Download SwiftKey Keyboard APK from mirror link 37.2 MB (secure)

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SwiftKey Keyboard APK Information

Last Updated Latest Version Installs
March 30, 2017 50,000,000 – 100,000,000
Developer Requires Android Category
SwiftKey Varies with device Productivity

SwiftKey Keyboard Android Reviews

After the latest update, numbers and email addresses are not saved any more and aren’t shown in predictions. Big loss for the application. Hope this will be fixed soon. – Armando Nase

Just downloaded it this morning because I’m a little fed up with the Google keyboard. So far, I’m finding word prediction with the continuous type of input (what used to be called swipe but all keyboards call something different now) much more accurate than the Google keyboard. That, and I did not give access to Facebook or email because I’m a little concerned about privacy issues. I’m expecting it to become more accurate over time. – Carrie Ward

Three suggestions. 1) When typing an ellipses “…” auto capitalization should recognize that it not auto capitalize. 2) I can’t find any way to use your portal for topics like this through the phone… It sends me to no man’s land. 3)It auto capitalizes words in the middle of sentences all the time. Everything else is superb. – Ryan Snodgrass

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