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Instabridge – Android app – 10M+ Wifi passwords


What is an Instabridge?

Instabridge is an Android app that provides you access to a crowdsourced database of Wi-Fi hotspots. Initially, it was launched in late 2012. It is a strategy to allow you to share Wi-Fi with your friends.

Instabridge is considered a perfect alternative to the phone’s Wi-Fi manager. Through this app, you can share the features of any Wi-Fi hotspot with other users, and provides access to Wi-Fi hotspots that are shared by everyone in the community.

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It helps you uncover the nearest Wi-Fi place or get connected to free Wi-Fi where you are right now

This android app reaches pre-installed with a database of platforms that have free Wi-Fi, such as McDonald’s or Starbucks. These are indicated on a map, but you can also utilize your phone’s compass.

Inscription about Instabridge android app:

Instabridge CEO and co-founder notifies TechCrunch. “The Wi-Fi portion of your phone has glanced the similar for the ahead 15 years. And rethinking that is amusing. With Instabridge you can utilize it to connect to Wi-Fi like you commonly do but with our superpowers.”

On Instabridge per day over 1000 networks are added and that each day 20,000 connections are made to Instabridge-located hotspots.

It is find that, this android app, is mostly used app in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India, Spain, Canada Netherlands and the U.S.

Review of Instabridge Android app:

Through Instabridge Android app you can access the Internet safely and mysteriously. It provide reliable internet connection with VPN. This Android app give free Internet connections in all main cities.

Instabridge is easy to operate than WPS. It include maps so you can discover wifi even when you’re walking or low on data! So, it is considered flawless app when you’re travelling!

You get free internet automatically, when it is available. It’s stats like speed, popularity and data usage on any password or hotspot in this database is valuable.

Instabridge android app supports WEP, WPA, WPA2 and WPA3. This have data saving web browser with 10x better reduction than the competitor.

Does Instabridge android app hack WiFi passwords?

The wifi that is shared  on the Instabridge forum have been added by users like you and me. Therefore, this android app does not hack this app users manually add Wifi to then you are eligible to connect it. If a WiFi has not yet been put in to Instabridge and if you know the password and are within the span of the signal. Then you are eligible to add it.


How do I connect to a WiFi ?

On Android

If you want to connect wifi on Android through Instabridge then follow the beneath steps;

Step#1: Firstly, open the Instabridge app. The first window that will appear it contain the list of WiFi.

Step#2: Here any WiFi with a connection icon is near enough to connect. To connect it wipe on the connection icon.


If there is no Wifi close enough, then dab on the walking icon to get paths to that WiFi. If you have been automatically connected it will be display in the lowest bar, as Connected to internet.         

On iOS

If you want to connect wifi on IOS through Instabridge then follow the beneath steps;

Step#1:Open Settings.

Step#2:Choose Wi-Fi.

Step#3:If you are within span of a Wi-Fi added to Instabridge, then it will say connect with Instabridge. Click on that Wi-Fi to get connected.


If you have no Wi-Fi added to Instabridge within span, then to find the nearest Wi-Fi open the Instabridge app and utilize the map.

Method to add a WiFi hotspot to Instabridge?

If you want to add a WiFi to Instabridge, then follow the given below steps;


Step#1: Open the Instabridge app

Step#2: Click on the menu icon, and then click on Connect to WiFi
Step#3: From hers select other WiFi

Step#4: Click on the “+”

Step#5: Now add the password

On iOS:

Step#1: open Settings and choose Wi-Fi
Step#2:connect to the Wi-Fi which you want to add.
Step#3: Now open the Instabridge app and click on Add Wi-Fi

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With millions of reliable, upgrade WiFi hotspots, Instabridge android app is the easiest path to surf the Internet without any charges. This Android app not required any setup. It only works with map and thorough statistics.

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