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Best WiFi Speed Test Apps in 2022 – Apktag

Since the internet has presently got into resemblance, its speed has expanded beyond intention. In past, we have to depend on up to 512Kbps internet speed. The internet norms have been put up, and 5-10 Mbps internet speed is presently considered Normal.

Everyone prefers to have faster internet. So, by assessing internet speed, you can specify whether it’s time to shift to another network or not.

For this purpose, you can check your internet speed through the task manager. But on smartphones, you can not check it in this way. So, to make it simple, many internet speed test apps are accessible for both smartphones.

On this Apktag website, we have shared a list of the Best WiFi Speed Test Apps for Android users.

1. Speedchecker – Apktag:

Speedchecker is a simple-to-use app through which you can promptly check your internet speed. This app has an instinctive interface, which looks perfect and reasonably organized.

This app can test your internet speed rapidly and can assess the speed of 3G and 4G. It also has an in-app purchase that gives manual server selection and a few other features.

It is formulated by Speedchecker Ltd, this Company is behind the most prominent speed testing websites measuring over 200 million speed tests in the world.


  • Timely speed test of download and upload
  • Record of all speed tests saved to your device
  • Easy to share results
  • It is similar with a vast collection of iOS devices

2. Speed Test WiFi Analyzer – Apktag:

Speed Test WiFi Analyzer not only test the speed of your wifi well, but also has a built-in Wi-Fi analyzer to assisted coverage in various parts of your home.

If you’re a techie for deep Wi-Fi metrics, this app will give you RSSI stats, a signal analyzer, decoded IEEE 802.11 beacon information, a spectrum map, and TCP and UDP tests for iPerf3 servers.


  • Wireless range 360 analysis
  • It give thorough network performance statistics.
  • Through this you can test both Internet and LAN Speed.
  • It is compatible with Android smartphone, Tablets, TV devices and sets and Google TV devices and sets

3. Meteor by OpenSignal – Apktag:

Meteor by OpenSignal is a fast dominant speed-test app that gives you reliable speed tests with a good interface. It is accessible on both iOS and Android. It comprise information on cellular coverage, which could be useful when traveling.


  • By using this app you can test performance on individual apps.
  • Meteor by OpenSignal is one of those extraordinary apps that looks so high-quality.
  • You can use it free.

4. SpeedSmart – Apktag:

SpeedSmart is the best app for you if you are searching for speed test apps for Your iOS device that can enable you to assess the cellular and WiFi speed. This app is popular on the iOS app store, and 200 million users now utilize it.


  • This app indicates you a full summary of your speed test with connection rating, ISP average speed, download and upload chart.
  • It test the Internet speed in 30 seconds.

5. nPerf – Apktag:

nPerf is the best and most developed internet speed test app. It can indicate you full QoS test results in almost a few clicks.


  • nPerf can test your bitrate speed, latency, browsing speed, video streaming speed, etc.
  • nPerf enables users to distinguish the internet speed with those using the similar network.

6. Meteor – Apktag:

Meteor is an internet speed test app that can be utilized to test the speed of your mobile. It enables you to see how your internet connection and download speed will influence the performance of your favorite mobile apps.


  • By using Meteor at a time you can test app performance for up to six mobile apps
  • It is easy to use app and contain no add.
  • You can also analyze streaming speed and the web browsing speed.

7. Opensignal Internet Speed Test – Apktag:

Opensignal is the mobile analytics company, and also has an internet speed test apps for android users. With this Speed Test, you can check your internet speed easily.


  • This app test download & upload and latency.
  • Opensignal Internet Speed Test enables you to discover the best network provider in your region.

8. Fast by Netflix – Apktag:

Fast by Netflix is the best and easy to use app. When you turn on the app, it begins assessing your download speed. This app has an option to show more detailed information, such as unloaded and loaded latency.


  • It’s a very light and basic app.
  • It’s presently usable on both iOS and Android.
  • Users can save their results to keep as records.

9. WIFI & Internet Speed Test from MushTrip – Apktag:

This app is a thorough utility for analyzing your 3G and 4G internet connection. You can test the internet speed with only one tap and obtain all the crucial information about your connection.


  • You can track past tests with thorough reporting
  • You can also share your results and compare them with your ISP average speed.

10. Network Ping Check – Apktag:

Through Network Ping Check you can not only test the internet speed of your WiFi and cellular networks, but can also trace and correlate the speed test results of the past.


  • It operates smoothly on WiFi and cellular networks.
  • It has an Outstanding graphic design
  • You can track and compare all your past test results

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I hope on the Apktag platform this article helped you a lot and now you can effortlessly analyze your WiFi speed with these free above-mentioned apps. If this article is proven helpful then please share it with your friends also.

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